Ready To Sell Survey

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with you and sell your home. Please fill out this survey so I can be educated on how to best serve you before I meet with you in person. Thank you.
Do you prefer communication via email, phone or text?
Current mailing address (if different from home being sold)
When is a good time for you us to meet with you?
Who referred you?
Is your home currently listed with another real estate agent?


What is your occupation?
Name of employer?
What are the top three things you look for in a real estate agent?
What makes you want to sell your home right now?
Have you previously sold a home or other real estate?
If YES, what went well? What did not go well?
What are your biggest fears or concerns regarding the home selling process?
Are you...? (pick one)
My spouse/significant other/best friend would say I'm...(select whichever applies best)
Do you and your spouse/significant other/best friend like a lot of info when making decisions or do you rely on your gut/intuition?
Do you and your spouse/significant other/best friend make decisions quickly or do you prefer to take time to think things through?


Address of home being sold
Please provide your legal name (on property deed) - and your spouse's legal name if married
Type of Residence
# of Bedroms
# of FULL Bathrooms
# of HALF Bathrooms
What is the name of the subdivision or neighborhood?
Does your home have any notable features?
In the last 5 years, what upgrades or improvements have you made?
Is there anything that needs to be updated or repaired before we put your property on the market?
If you were to stay in your home for another 5 years, what maintenance, improvements, or other projects would you need or want to make?
Is the property currently tenant occupied or do you live there? If tenant occupied, when is their lease up and how much are they paying in rent?
Do you have any pets who will need to be removed for showings?
How would you rank your home in comparison with other homes in your neighborhood?
How soon do you want a sign in your yard and buyers walking through your house?
Ideally, when would you like (or need) to sell your home?
Are there any days/times when we cannot show the property (normal showing times are 9am - 8pm seven days a week)?
Where are you moving to? Or have you already moved?
If you're moving out of the area, would you like us to refer you to a buyer's agent out there?


What do you think your home is worth now?
Do you own your home free and clear?
If no, are your payments current?
How much money did you put down when you bought the home?
1st mortgage balance
2nd mortgage balance
What do you think your home was worth at the peak of the last market?
Do you have a financial planner?
Do you have a real estate attorney?


Is there anything else I should know about you?