Home Staging

Home buying is an emotional process, and getting people to feel attached to your home helps bring you more money on the sale. That first impression on prospective buyers should be a lasting and positive one.

Home buyers will be in a home for three to four minutes. You want to make those moments memorable and profitable. You don’t need to be a decorator to stage a home. Check out leading department and home furnishing stores to see what colors they are using and copy them. Bringing in trendy colors immediately modernizes any home, as will fresh linens in the bedroom and bathroom.

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A real estate slump is a real drag, especially if you’re trying to sell your abode. So stage your pad to beat out the competition and draw in more prospective buyers. Most buyers have a hard time looking past pink walls and green shag carpet, so do the legwork for them and present their “new home” on a silver platter. If done smartly, the money spent staging will be made up tenfold in the house sale — and you keep all the hot accessories for yourself afterwards.
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