Home Selling Services

Fill out the seller's survey to get you on your way to selling your home.
Selling your home can be a complex process, which requires working with a reputable real estate agent that is committed to making the sale lucrative as possible with the fewest headaches along the way. As a Realtor®, I have an obligation to my clients to do everything I  can to smooth the process of selling their home and pricing their home right.


Once the seller has made the decision to sell their home, following service will be provided:
  • Establish an initial home visit to determine the home's conditions,  upgrades, and fair market value.
  • Identify any lender required repairs during the home visit and coordinate any repairs with contractors that may be needed before the home goes on the market. 
  • Provide seller with a free Comparative Market Analysis. 
  • Prepare a closing cost estimate with estimated net proceeds.  
  • Determine which items stay with the property before listing the home for sale.
  • Offer to enter into a written Exclusive Right to Sell with seller. The agreement will include beginning and ending dates, fee structure and payment method, and the responsibilities of both parties.


Once the seller has signed the listing agreement, following service will be provided:
  • Recommend home staging ideas.
  • Take professional photographs of property.
  • Develop a marketing strategy to promote property and entice potential buyers.
  • Promote the sale of their home to its unique features.
  • Engage in a comprehensive advertising campaign to give their home the ideal amount of exposure.
  • Display an Agave Premier For Sale and replenish listing brochures as needed.
  • Design a video tour and post on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Promote seller's listing through www.southernazhomes.com to showcase property to potential home buyers.
  • Promote seller's property through social medias, such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Syndicate listing through several websites; such as Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia, etc.   


  • Explain how to stage your home and to best prepare the property for showings.
  • Recommend noticeable repairs and coordinate repair jobs with tradesmen.
  • Place an electronic lockbox for agents to easily access property for showing.
  • Provide a sign-in notebook for the agents to sign in while showing property to prospective Buyers.
  • Provide brochures and business cards to you incase a Buyer inquires about property without an agent.
  • Provide feedback to you after the showings.
  • Provide listing stats from the MLS and Listings Syndications.
  • Periodically create a CMA to verfy if listing price is still within market value.


  • Develop negotiation strategies, including pre-set limits on your net results.
  • Prepare a cost estimate based on the Buyer's offer projecting your net results.
  • Help negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible price your nest-egg.
  • Explain the Buyer's offer by section and provide alternatives available to you.
  • Counsel regarding the time requirements in the contract.
  • Advise to seek legal counsel where appropriate.
  • Prepare counter-offers in a manner which will protect your interests.


  • Coordinate and verify that all contract contingencies have been met and released.
  • Will explain options available to you regarding items in the inspection report.
  • Will counsel about home inspections, and provide the names of real estate tradesmen if repairs are required.
  • Maintain contact with the title company and mortgage company to insure your interests are being protected.
  • Will review the settlement (HUD) statement with you prior to closing.
  • Will set appointment and attend closing with you to answer any questions that may arise.