Home Remodeling Cost vs Value

If you’re trying to decide which projects to undertake, look at homes around your area, especially if you’re interested in selling in the near future.  Start searching previous homes sales to give you an idea of homes that have appealed to home buyers. Another resource is Remodeling, they annually analysis what remodeling trends produce the highest rate of investment.  Following data was compiled from their 2020 Cost vs. Value Report Statistics - Regional (Mountain). 

Cost vs. Value Report Statistics

Stone Veneer 95.6% Return
Garage Replacement Door 94.5% Return
Minor Kitchen Remodel 77.6% Return
Vinyl Window Replacement   72.3% Return
Entry Door Replacement 68.8% Return
Shingles Roof Replacement  65.9% Return
Bathroom Remodel (Midrange) 64.0% Return 
Master Suite Addition (Midrange) 58.5% Return

Home Remodeling Tips

A wonderful source for home remodeling ideas is also found on Houzz.