Home Buying Services

Fill out the home buyer survey to get you started in buying your next home.
Finding a reputable, experienced, and local area Realtor® in your home buying process is crucial to protecting your interests and investment. No two markets are the same so it's imperative to work with a Realtor® that also has the expertise in the certain market area you are looking to buy a home. The emotional surge in finding a house that you love can lead you to miss important aspects; resulting in a quick offer, making offers that are too high, not asking for standard concessions from a seller, or not having your interests protected to the degree you deserve.
You can avoid falling into this trap by finding someone you can trust before starting searching for a home. When I work with home buyers, I assist in identifying mortgage loans and grants that buyers can obtain. I help identify the right property that meets those loan requirements, negotiate on the buyer's behalf to attempt to get the best possible price & concessions, and will assist the buyer throughout the home buying process. Here are just some of the services a buyer can expect when they decide to work with me:


Once the buyer has made the decision to buy a home, following service will be provided:
  • Request potential home buyer to fill out the “Ready to buy Survey”. The questionnaire helps identify how I may better serve the individual buyer. 
  • A no obligation consultation to advise buyer on the home buying process and services.
  • Discuss how much money the buyer needs to have in reserves to cover earnest deposit, home inspections and lending costs.
  • Will provide information regarding financial qualifications and assist in finding and working with mortgage lenders. 
  • Explain and provide samples of real estate forms and disclosures that will be pertinent during the home buying process.
  • Provide information of current market conditions within a given town, area, and subdivision.
  • Counsel buyer as to how Zillow.com and other real estate syndication websites provide listing information and Zestimates.   


Once the buyer has secured a mortgage loan and/or funds, following service will be provided:
  • Discuss preferences in size, areas, styles, age, floorplans, and develop a property search to facilitate the home search process.
  • Search the Multiple Listing Service of Southern Arizona and provide listings of potential properties to buyer. 
  • Provide buyer access to a customized client portal so they can monitor properties that come in/out of the market.
  • Send automatic email notices to buyer of new properties and price improvements as soon as they hit the market.
  • Thoroughly review, identify any potential problems, and obtain pertaint disclosures for buyer of any interested properties.
  • Flexible and readily available to show properties to buyers to find their dream home!  


Once the buyer has found a home they would like to make a offer on, following services will be provided: 
  • Prepare a comparative market analysis to determine the property's fair market value.
  • Work with the buyer's lender to verify pre-qualification and request loan payment calculations to assure that buyer is comfortable with monthly loan payments.
  • Prepare the purchase contract in a manner that will protect the buyer's interest and earnest deposit, while still making it appealing to seller to accept offer. 
  • Provide disclosures regarding agency representation, HOA's, lead based paint, flood plains, septic/sewer, and any other material fact.
  • Negotiate on buyer's behalf to get the best possible price, concessions, and contingencies for the home.
  • Thoroughly explain the choices available in each section of the purchase contract and provide negotiable alternatives.
  • Advise buyer to seek legal and accounting counseling where appropriate.
  • Develop negotiation strategies, including pre-set limits on key points of negotiation.
  • Discuss due diligence and deadlines requirements in the purchase contract.


Once the offer has been accepted, following services will be provided:
  • Create an Escrow Checklist of every deadline that needs to be met by both buyer and seller. 
  • Coordinate appointments and payments with professional home inspections, termite inspections, septic inspections, and inspections by contractors. 
  • Monitor purchase contract contingencies have been met and released.
  • Review all inspection reports with buyer to determine to identify the defects and repairs the home is in need of.  
  • Deliver the Buyer Inspection Notice and Seller's Response as to what repairs (if any) buyer is requesting for seller to correct. 
  • Coordinate with lender throughout the loan process by requesting loan updates and home appraisals.  
  • Coordinate with title company by providing necessary documentation, review Preliminary Report, verify if any title liens are present and released, review & approve closing statements, and set appointment for closing. 
  • Monitor any repairs that seller/buyer negotiated have been completed, obtain receipts for repairs, and conduct a pre-closing walkthrough. 
  • Coordinate that all home manuals, alarm service, postal services, garage door opener and all keys are accounted for.