22 Topics CC&Rs Might Regulate

Deed restrictions may have a significant and substantial impact on the use and value of property. The CC&Rs are recorded against the property and generally empower a homeowner’s association to control certain aspects of property use within the development. By purchasing a property in such a development, the buyer agrees to be bound by the CC&Rs. The association, the property owners as a whole, and individual property owners can enforce the contract.
It is essential that home buyers review and agree to these restrictions prior to purchasing a property. In a resale transaction using the AAR Resale Contract form, the buyer must review CC&R's within five days after receipt. If buying a newly constructed home the CC&Rs need to be read before signing the purchase contract with home builder.  

Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&Rs)

Here are 22 topics that CC&Rs might regulate:
  • Building materials
  • Exterior colors
  • Whether you can park an RV, boat, or pick-up in your driveway
  • What you or your guests have to wear when you go to the pool
  • What types of for sale signs, for lease signs, and political signs, if any are allowed
  • What kinds of flags and banners you may display
  • Whether you may install playground equipment or a basketball goal
  • Mailbox type
  • Types of holiday decorations allowed
  • Required use of battery-powered lawn mowers rather than gasoline
  • What kinds of blinds or shades are acceptable
  • Rules about pets and other animals (for instance: no breeding for profit, no livestock, no unchained pets, and breeds). 
  • Procedure for sub-lease, if any is allowed
  • Fences and gates
  • Ages of visitors for what length of time (in a senior complex)
  • Noise ("quiet hours")
  • Use of remote-control airplanes and cars
  • Shutters, blinds, and curtains
  • Whether you may cut down a tree, plant a tree on your property, and planting varieties & quantities
  • Whether and how you can extend your patio or balcony
  • Whether and where you can barbecue
  • Regulations as to whether or not you may have an in-home business