Community Profiles

Santa Cruz County, Arizona may be the youngest county in the state but its richly filled with history. The size of the territory is 1,236 square miles and it is named after the Santa Cruz River that flows from Arizona into Mexico and then winding back to Santa Cruz County and Pima County. The Spaniards first settled in the late 1,600’s and established the Tumacacori Mission.
By the 17th century Father Kino named the river Santa Cruz which means “Sacred Cross” in Spanish. Tubac was founded in 1752 by the Spaniards who built the presidio as an early outpost. The City of Nogales means walnut in Spanish and was officially founded in 1882 along a north-south rail line to promote trade between the United States and Mexico. Where today commercial, religious and cultural ties are strong between the sister cities known as Ambos Nogales. 


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