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The population in Rio Rico, AZ Arizona is around 19,000 and its name means Rich River. The community, itself, began in 1969 and has grown as the area has expanded. Its beginnings go back to the Baca Float, a tract of around 100,000 acres granted to the heirs of Luisa Maria Baca by the US Congress. Recognized as a resort community where it is surrounded by rugged mountains and pristine Sonoran landscape. Golf, hiking, horseback riding can all be enjoyed year round.

The population in Nogales, AZ Arizona is around 21,000 and it borders with the town of Nogales, AZ Sonora Mexico. The town serves as one of the largest ports of entry between the United States and Mexico with almost 50% of the nation's produce passing through its gateways each year. The name Nogales, AZ means "black walnuts" in Spanish, which once grew abundantly, can still be seen around town. You can enjoy golfing, great Sonoran cuisine, 16 screen cinema and all your major discount and specialty stores.

The population of Tubac, AZ according to the 2010 census was 1,191. Established in 1752 as a Spanish presidio, Tubac, AZ was one of the stops on the Camino Real (the "Royal Road") from Mexico to the Spanish settlements in California. Well-known today as an artist colony where painters, potters, sculptors and carvers are among the many artists who make their home in the village. Shops are open year round, including coffee shops and restaurants with an open patio atmosphere.

Patagonia has only a population of 900 and lies in a narrow valley between the Santa Rita Mountains, which peak at 9,453 feet and and the Patagonia Mountains, which peak at 7,221 feet, at the intersection of Harshaw Creek and Sonoita Creek. The bustle of mining may be long gone, but the memories of this once-prominent industry still linger in the wilderness of Sonoita, AZ. Just 20-45 minutes east and southeast of Patagonia you’ll find remnants of towns that once numbered in the thousands.

Sonoita and Elgin are located in the heart of Arizona’s Wine Country at a cool elevation of 5,000’. The Sonoita plain is surrounded by breathtaking 9,000’ mountain peaks and is considered a high desert grassland. Sonoita is breathtaking rolling hills, lush grasslands, Arizona ash and oak trees, and colorful wildflowers, and vineyards.

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