Agave Plant Benefits

Agave plant is a strongly formed plant that belong to the Amaryllis family, they have infrequent blooming time, the nectar of this plant is largely use as a nutritional supplement. Many varieties of Agave are cultivated for it's beautiful looks and variegated forms. The whole plant is edible, from it's flowers, leaves, steams, and nectar which is use to as sugar in cooking. Also of course it is largely use in the preparation of Mescal, which is a distilled spirit.

This plant really fits the profile of a great tool for future needs, currently world wide the preoccupation of hunger growth is great, while there is hunger happening right now world wide, the plant seem to have very little after care, it seems a great idea for solving present hunger problems and future ones. At the same time by planting more of it we will work towards sustainable existence.

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Benefits of the Agave plant