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Outdoor Kitchens
There are several benefits of having an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens provide the extra space and serves as a great venue for homeowners to have family and friends over to entertain. This is a great option especially if you have limited area inside the house. There are several things you need to consider when you plan to have an outdoor kitchen. Make sure that you plan it carefully so that you can take advantage of it fully. Assess the area first before you come up with a design. Take into consideration the distance of the indoor kitchen to the outdoor kitchen, what kind of shade/shelter will you need, electrical, water, gas hookup, appliances, and outdoor furniture. 

Grills and Pizza Oven Ideas

OUTDOOR Dining Rooms

When designing your outdoor kitchen, you will also need to address where your guests will be able sit down to eat the yummy meal that's been prepared. Here are several ideas that will help you with the process such as lighting, outdoor dining furniture, and shade. As well as, outdoor dining party themes set-ups.   

Outdoor Dining Ideas